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HIDISP 3050  Super High Performance Dispersant

Composition: Mid-Molecular Weight Polymer

Technical Specification

  Appearance: Light Brown Liquid       Specific Gravity: 0.85~0.95
  Refraction: 1.42~1.44               Component: 50±2%
  Viscosity: 2.0~4.0 mPa•s             Solvents:  Methyl Proxitol Acetate and others

Compatible with Solvents

  Good compatibility with solvents including aromatic, esters, ketone, alcohol and ethers, etc.

Compatible with Resins

  Good compatible with acrylic resins and amino resins, polyaldehyde resins, alkyds, nitrocelluloses epoxy, polyester, epoxy resins, and phenolic resins, etc.


  HIDISP 3050 has excellent wetting and dispersing performance in pigments. It can enforce tinting function, improve gloss, reduce haze, and improve transparence of pigments, especially showing good effect upon phthalocyanine, iron oxide pigments and high surface energy black carbon, etc. It can shorten the grinding time of pigments and improve efficiency, in addition to prevent pigment particles from re-agglomerating. It can increase the loading of pigments because of its good function to effectively change the rheological property of pigments. Good flowing property can reduce VOC. It shows excellent performance in transparent pigments pastes and enables it to a good gloss and particle size distribution, in addition to better transparency and stability in storage and transportation.

Loading Recommendation

  Practical experiences suggest a loading of dispersant in different systems (i.e. 2 mg/m2)
Weight Percentage of Dispersant = Specific Area (m2/g)÷5 Recommended loading of dispersant: HIDISP 3050/ Weight Percentage of Dispersant
  Organic pigment: 8~15%; 
  Inorganic Pigment: 1~8% (in Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment: 7~15%);
  General Black Carbon: 10~40%;  
  High Surface Energy Black Carbon: 40~100%

Guide to Application

  • HIDISP 3050 is firstly incorporated into grinding binders.
  • If necessary, a phase-improved agent is added to allow a homogeneous system. (note: the phase-improved agent is nonsoluble.)
  • Because HIDISP 3050 gives a good performance of reducing viscosity, a better method of obtaining a desirable viscosity is to increase loading of pigments.
  • Some additives are necessary after grinding process.
  • HIDISP 3050 can be separated out under a condition of 5℃. Heating it to 30~50℃ for dissolving system will show no negative effect on performance.
  • Applications

      High-end paints (i.e. automotive coatings and refinishing), general industrial coatings, coil coatings, marine coatings, general color pastes, solvent-based industrial coatings, plastic coatings, furniture coatings, and inks..


      Iron barrel with 18 Kg and 20 Kg
      Please keep it away from heat, flame and light exposure. The product must be sealed with its cover if only it remains in barrel.